Ir. Ruben Props

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 80
Visiting scientists
Selected key publications: 
Props, R. Monsieurs P, .Vandamme, P, Leys N, Denef VJ and Boon N. Gene Expansion and Positive Selection as Bacterial Adaptations to Oligotrophic Conditions, Msphere, 2019
Props R, Rubbens P, Besmer M, Buysschaert B, Sigrist J, Weilenmann H, et al. Detection of microbial disturbances in a drinking water microbial community through continuous acquisition and advanced analysis of flow cytometry data. Water Research. 2018;145:73-82.
Props R, Schmidt ML, Heyse J, Vanderploeg HA, Boon N and Denef VJ. Flow cytometric monitoring of bacterioplankton phenotypic diversity predicts high population-specific feeding rates by invasive dreissenid mussels. Environmental Microbiology. 2018;20(2):521-34.
Props R, Kerckhof F-M, Rubbens P, De Vrieze J, Hernandez Sanabria E, Waegeman W, et al. Absolute quantification of microbial taxon abundances. ISME J. 2017;11(2):584-7.
Props R, Monsieurs P, Mysara M, Clement L and Boon N. Measuring the biodiversity of microbial communities by flow cytometry. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 2016:n/a-n/a.