Dr. Antonin Prévoteau

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 85
Postdoctoral staff

Antonin Prévoteau was born in a rural area of the North-East of France. His first interests were horticulture and oenology, showing early motivation for applied chemistry and biology. However, it was in Grenoble, France, while obtaining a degree in Materials Science Engineering (2007), that the revelation appeared: he realized that his future professional life would be dedicated to electrochemistry. Consequently, he graduated the same year a master degree in this topic before looking for new adventures involving electron transfers.

He was awarded his PhD in 2011 from the University of Bordeaux, France. Supervised by Prof. Chrystel Faure and Dr. Nicolas Mano, he focused his research on enzyme electrodes based on redox hydrogels for glucose oxidation. Hosted by LabMET and prof. Korneel Rabaey since February 2013, Antonin is mainly involved in the Electrotalk project (http://www.electrotalk.ugent.be/) and, secondary, in other projects referring to electrochemistry.

Selected key publications: 
X. Zhang, J. Philips, H. Roume, K. Guo, K. Rabaey, A. Prévoteau, Rapid and quantitative assessment of redox conduction across electroactive biofilms by using double potential step chronoamperometry, ChemElectroChem, accepted.
K. Guo, A. Prévoteau, K. Rabaey, A novel tubular microbial electrolysis cell for high rate hydrogen production, Journal of Power Pources (2017), accepted.
H.-W. Lin, C. Kustermans, E. Vaiopoulou, A. Prévoteau, K. Rabaey, Z. Yuan, I. Pikaar, Electrochemical oxidation of iron and alkalinity generation for efficient sulfide control in sewers, Water Research 33 (2017), accepted.
A. Prévoteau, F. Ronsse, I. Cid, P. Boeckx, K. Rabaey, The electron donating capacity of biochar is dramatically underestimated, Scientific Reports 6 (2016), 32870
E. Vaiopoulou, T. Provijn, A. Prévoteau, I. Pikaar, K. Rabaey, Electrochemical sulfide removal and caustic recovery from spent caustic streams, Water Research 92 (2016), 38–43
S. Gildemyn, K. Verbeeck , R. Slabbinck, S. J. Andersen, A. Prévoteau, K. Rabaey, Integrated production, extraction and concentration of acetic acid from CO2 through microbial electrosynthesis (2015), Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2 (2015), 325–328
K. Guo, A. H. Soeriyadi, H. Feng, A. Prévoteau, S. A. Patil, J. J. Gooding, K. Rabaey, Heat-treated stainless steel felt as scalable anode material for bioelectrochemical systems, Bioresource Technology 195 (2015), 46–50
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