Recording Launchevent UGent-AquaFlanders Academic Chair online

Flanders has a long history of qualitative drinking water supply. The six water companies, united within AquaFlanders, take care of this. These companies are now, more than ever, facing major challenges. 
Climate change affects the availability and quality of water sources. Longer dry periods alternated with more intense precipitation periods are occurring more frequently. This requires adjustments to the production & distribution infrastructure and its management. A sustainable answer is therefore essential to keep drinking water supplies up to date.

Collaboration is the key to achieve this sustainable future. That is why Ghent University and AquaFlanders are joining forces in collaboration with CAPTURE. By means of installing the 'UGent-AquaFlanders academic chair for sustainable drinking water´ we are bringing academic research and the practice of drinking water supply closer together. Prof. Nico Boon and Bart De Gusseme of CMET and Prof. Elena Torfs of Biomath are the academic promotors of this new academic chair. 

Last May 20th this academic chair was officially announced. The full event can be revisited here.