Ir. Pieter Ostermeyer

Telephone number: 
32 (0)9 264 59 22
Scientific staff

I received my BSc. and MSc. Bioscience engineering from UAntwerp and KULeuven respectively. During my education I worked on projects involving metal recovery and the use of wastewater sludge in the circular economy. After a brief stint at a soil remediation company, I started as a Process Engineer at R&D Umicore, where I collaborated on subjects such as:
·         Biological treatment of complex metallurgical wastewaters, (a.o. selenium bioreduction, denitrification, sulfate reduction and metal sulfide precipitation)
·         Physico-chemical treatment of complex metallurgical wastewaters (a.o. gypsum, arsenic sorption, Ca3(AsO4)2 precipitation, …)
·         Copper electrowinning and the effect of impurities such as As, Sb, Bi, Pb,…
·         Copper smelting and leaching

At CMet I focus on the electrochemical and biological treatment of complex metallurgical wastewaters . The project is a collaboration with Umicore and has the aim to research the potential of electrochemical and biological technologies to treat complex metallurgical wastewaters in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Techniques such as electrochemical alkalization/acidification, Me(OH)x and MeSx precipitation, sulfate and metal reduction and electrochemical sulfide oxidation are used to achieve this goal.



Selected key publications: 
De Meyer, A., Cattrysse, D., Ostermeyer, P., & Van Orshoven, J. (2015). Implementation of OPTIMASS to optimise municipal wastewater sludge processing chains: Proof of concept. Resources, Conservation and Recycling.