Ir. Jorien Favere

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 77
Scientific staff

In my PhD research, I am studying the microbial ecology of drinking water. The goal is to steer the microbial community towards a community that is resistant against pathogen invasion. This way, we strive to obtain biostable water, and make secondary disinfection in the drinking water network redundant.

Selected key publications: 
Favere, J., Buysschaert, B., Boon, N., & De Gusseme, B. (2020). Online microbial fingerprinting for quality management of drinking water: Full-scale event detection. Water Research, 170, 115353.
Buysschaert, B., Favere, J., Vermijs, L., Baetens, V., Naka, A., Boon, N., & De Gusseme, B. (2019). Flow cytometric fingerprinting to assess the microbial community response to changing water quality and additives. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 5(10), 1672-1682.