Dr. Lingshan Ma

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 76
Postdoctoral staff
Selected key publications: 
L. Ma, L. Gutierrez, T. Van Vooren, M. Vanoppen, M. Kazemabad, A. Verliefde, E. Cornelissen, Fate of organic micropollutants in reverse electrodialysis: Influence of membrane fouling and channel clogging, Desalination, 512 (2021) 115114.
L. Ma, L. Gutierrez, R. Verbeke, A. D'Haese, M. Waqas, M. Dickmann, R. Helm, I. Vankelecom, A. Verliefde, E. Cornelissen, Transport of organic solutes in ion-exchange membranes: Mechanisms and influence of solvent ionic composition, Water Res, 190 (2021) 116756.
L. Ma, L. Gutierrez, M. Vanoppen, D.N. Lorenz, C. Aubry, A. Verliefde, Transport of uncharged organics in ion-exchange membranes: experimental validation of the solution-diffusion model, Journal of Membrane Science, 564 (2018) 773-781.