Dr. Karel Folens

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 76
Postdoctoral staff


→ PhD Applied Biological Sciences - Chemistry & Bioprocess Technology, Ghent University (2017), "Impact of speciation on the removal and recovery of trace elements from aqueous solutions".

→ MSc in Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Catholic University of Leuven (2012)

→ MSc in Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Catholic University of Leuven (2011)

Research interests:

→ Resource Recovery

→ Electrochemical systems

→ Detection and speciation of metal complexes

Selected key publications: 
K. Folens, J. Paulo-Perez, K. Leus, F. Vanhaecke, P. Van Der Voort, G. Du Laing (2018) Hydrometallurgical technologies for recovery of critical and precious metals from low-concentrated streams, Resources, Conservation & Recycling (IF = 5.2)
K. Folens, A. Abebe, J. Tang, F. Ronsse, G. Du Laing (2018) Biosorption of residual cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin antineoplastic drugs in urine after chemotherapy treatment, Environmental Chemistry (IF = 3.516)
K. Folens, K. Leus, N. Ricci Nicomel, J.Paulo Perez, M. Filippousi, M. Meledina, M. Dîrtu, S. Turner, G. Van Tendeloo, Y. Garcia, G. Du Laing, P. Van Der Voort (2018) Removal of arsenic and mercury species from water by covalent triazine framework encapsulated γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles, Journal of Hazardous Materials (IF = 6.065), 353, 312-319
K. Folens, T. Van Acker, E. Bolea-Fernandez, G. Cornelis, F. Vanhaecke, G. Du Laing, S. Rauch (2018) Identification of platinum nanoparticles in road dust leachate by single particle Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry, Science of the Total Environment (IF = 4.90), 615, 849-856
K. Folens, M.-C. Van Labeke, G. Du Laing (2017) Impact of an urban environment on trace element concentrations in domestically produced lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), Water, Air & Soil Pollution (IF = 1.702), 228:457
K. Folens, G. Du Laing (2017) Dispersion and solubility of In, Tl, Ta and Nb in the aquatic environment and intertidal sediments of the Scheldt estuary (Flanders, Belgium), Chemosphere (IF = 4.208), 183, 401-409,
K. Folens, S. Huysman, S. Van Hulle, G. Du Laing (2017) Chemical and economic optimization of the coagulation-flocculation process for silver removal and recovery from industrial wastewater, Separation and Purification Technology (IF = 3.359), 179, 145-151
K. Folens, K. Leus, N. Ricci Nicomel, M. Meledina, S. Turner, G. Van Tendeloo, G. Du Laing, P. Van Der Voort (2016) Fe3O4@MIL-101 - A selective and regenerable adsorbent for the removal of As species from water, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (IF = 2.444)
K. Folens, S. Van Hulle, F. Vanhaecke, G. Du Laing (2016) Chemical fractionation and speciation modelling for optimization of ion-exchange processes to recover palladium from industrial wastewater, Water Science and Technology (IF = 1.197), 73(7), 1738-1745
K. Folens, S. Mortier, J. Baeten, K. Couvreur, R. Michelet, K. Gernaey, T. De Beer, G. Du Laing, I. Nopens (2016) Modelling and sensitivity analysis of urinary platinum excretion in anticancer chemotherapy for the recovery of platinum, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy (IF = 0.617), 4, 46-56