Dag van de Wetenschap 2017

The Day of Science/Dag van de Wetenschap 2017 took place on the 27th of November. CMET was represented in the event by a quiz ‘ALL YOU NEED ARE BACTERIA’ and by a lecture given by Tom Vandekerckhove ‘HET BLAUWE GOUD: DE WAARDE VAN WATER’.

Our group had the pleasure to introduce the applications of microorganisms in the daily lives of children and adults (food production and digestion, probiotics, wastewater treatment). Less familiar applications of microorganisms, such as bioelectrochemical systems and the role of microorganisms in long-term space missions, were introduced as well. Besides the importance of bacteria, attendees were pointed towards the scarcity and value of water, were given ways to reduce their water footprint and learned all about wastewater reuse. The opportunity was given to taste food containing Spirulina-algae and to visualise some of the many micro-organisms living in and on people. In the end, participants went home with an enlightened vision on water and with billions of new friends called bacteria.


Participated: Tom Vandekerckhove, Charlotte De Rudder, Eleftheria Ntagia, Ioanna Chatzigiannidou, Jolien De Paepe